Fairy tree leaf pack
Fairy tree leaf pack
Fairy tree leaf pack
Fairy tree leaf pack
Fairy tree leaf pack

Fairy tree leaf pack

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Consists of 50 leaves in your choice of colours. You can choose up to 3 colours for your pack (use the drop down menu to select your colours) 

Buying suggestions

1 fairy tree leaf pack (50 leaves) is sufficient when pairing with flowers for a leaf/flower tree look.

2 fairy tree leaf packs (100 leaves) would be required if you are wanting a leaf only tree look.

Leaf size: 15cm tall & 12.5cm wide

Leaf packs

Leaf packs come in sets of 3, 5 or our Jumbo 50 leaf set for your fairy tree! Our leaves have one large and small leaf attached. You can select your own leaf pack colour and amount in the drop down menu.

How to attach to the wall:

My Wallflowers easily attach to the wall from the notch on the back to a hook or nail. Non invasive options include the mini 3M command hooks. Leaves easily attach to the wall with blu tac on each leaf point and stem. 


Each flower is hand made and designed by me in Brisbane Australia, which means no two flowers will be exactly the same. My flowers are made with love and care and are of a high quality and standard. I use quality felt fabric for my flowers which means they are lightweight and durable making shipping extremely affordable for you.


Tracked shipping: $8 flat rate Australia wide. International shipping calculated at checkout. 


Please Note. My flowers are intended for decorative purposes only and are not to be played with or left unattended with children. Please also be wary when positioning flowers in a child's nursery. Fallen flowers may cause a choking hazard in very young babies.